Health Care For All Oregon Act Gets Hearing

Members of Health Care for All Oregon (HCAO) packed the hearing room at the State Capitol on Monday. Several testified on SB631, the Health Care for All Oregon Act. The hearing was covered by Sacrom Yoo in "Oregon advocates testify for universal health care" posted by the Statesman Journal on 5-4-15.  LEARN MORE  The full hearing of the Health Care Committee can be viewed in archived videos on the Oregon State Legislature site.  VIEW MORE

Universal Coverage & HCAO

Jerry Osacho, a member of Health Care for ALL Oregon's (HCAO) faith caucus, had a letter-to-the-editor published on 2-20-15 on Oregon Live. "It's time for universal, single-payer health care" sparked lots of comments. LEARN MORE.

Photos from the February 2015 Rally on the Capitol Steps

Advocating Single Payer Events Held In Ashland

Nineteen advocates for single-payer health care from Portland to Ashland gathered for a speakers' training in Ashland on September 28th. This training focused on recruiting and preparing others to tell their own stories about healthcare. It also covered speaking persuasively on behalf of universal healthcare in one minute. Lobbying legislators on bills that Health Care for All-Oregon (HCAO) and Health Care for All-Oregon Education Fund (HCAO-EF) support to solve the problems was also addressed. Leaders included Wes Brain, Allen Hallmark, Jason Houk, Mike Huntington, Lee Mercer, Tim Roach, Larry Stewart, Lisa Stiller, and Gene Uphoff.

Later in the day, about sixty people watched The Health Care Movie followed by a panel discussion.

At both sessions the attendees were urged to spread the word about attending the HCAO rally at the Capitol in Salem on February 11, 2105, when they are also encouraged to talk with their legislators. Watch the calendar for announcements of future training sessions.

Friedman Tour Collage

Economist Gerald Friedman turned out many Oregonians to learn more about the costs and consequences of the U.S. healthcare system. His tour of Oregon in mid-May involved ten presentations from LaGrande to Medford to Eugene and Portland. Sponsors of the tour included Health Care for All Oregon, Physicians for a National Health Program, and Main Street Alliance, as well as the Center for Global Health and The Hundere Chair of Religion and Culture at Oregon State University. Locate video of his presentations and links to some of his studies and other presentations under Resources, Speaker's Portal, and In The News on this site. The accompanying photo collage of the tour were taken by David Young. 

Speakers' Training Found Excellent

Larry Steward Leads Tough Questions Training

Larry Steward Leads Tough Questions Training

Participants who attended the Speakers' Training about answering tough questions found it to be "great," "inspirational," and the "best one yet." Twenty-three attended the session conducted by Cliff Goldman, Sam Metz, Larry Steward, Lisa Stiller, David Young and Mike Huntington. Some expressed hope that Health Care for All Oregon Education Fund will hold another similar training. This session took place April 6th at the Ainsworth United Church of Christ in Portland. If you would like to host a training event focused on single-payer healthcare in your area of the state, please contact Mike Huntington at 541-745-5635.

See the calendar for HCAO and HCAO-EF speaking events.

Featured Resources

Featured Resources

Watch this Physicians for National Health Program of Western Washington 12 minute video on how American health care system compares to other nations.

Stories Project

Every healthcare delivery story that is shared helps to demonstrate the need for universal healthcare in Oregon.  

We are developing simple ways for people across the state to share their experiences.  Follow the link below to the see the stories we've collected so far. 
Access Stories Project Page

Q&A Fair Questions - Paradoxical Replies, Right Answers

1.) Why should legitimate tax payers buy health care for those who don’t contribute?

2.) Wouldn't a payroll tax be unfair to small businesses?

3.) Wouldn't Socialized Medicine destroy the “free enterprise System?”  

Read all 21 questions and answers

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Prezi presentations on health care reform

These clever audiovisual presentations constructed by Frank Erickson M.D. of Pendleton Oregon can help all of us learn/remember what we need to know in order to reach good decisions about health care reform in the United States and Oregon. Follow link for further explanation and instructions. 

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