Trudy Liberman is the lead writer for "Second Opinion," an ongoing project at Columbia Journalism Review. Her recent series of tips to reporters about deepening their coverage of enrollment doubles as what readers should look for in news about enrollment in the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Her most recent "Reporters shouldn't overlook this aspect of Obamacare" was posted at CJR on 11-14-14. This piece focuses on subsidies and tax implications that could result in some people owing money at tax time. LEARN MORE 

Her earlier piece "An Obamacare reality check from reporters on the ground" was posted on the same site on 10-29-14.  This article encourages more field work with examples from two reporters. One observed Enroll America workers in breadline in order to cover reality, instead of just the website. Another reporter focused on effects on small business and the overlooked redistribution within the ACA. LEARN MORE  

Another in her series is "6 ways reporters can cover Obamacare open enrollment" posted on the same site on 10-30-14. This piece suggests scrutinizing rates and premiums, examining narrow networks and skinny plans, checking out cost-shifting tricks (such as noncritical activation fees), and re-visiting people who enrolled on exchanges, or are on Medicaid. LEARN MORE

Posted on November 19, 2014 .