That the recent 2014 election results will result in changes to health care reform is a given. Two early analysis provide food for thought.

The first is a general analysis provided by Robert Pear in his piece "A Post-Election Day Certainty: New Scrutiny for the Affordable Care Act" published in The New York Times on 11-6-14. He considers unlikely full repeal, and more likely piecemeal changes, such as employer mandates, definitions of full-time employment, changes in Medicare oversight, housekeeping language changes, and Medicaid expansion.  LEARN MORE

The second considers the effect of the elections specifically on single payer. Under the headline "What the election means for reform, especially single payer", is an article by Jonathan Cohn, "This is How the New GOP Senate Will Try to Dismantle Obamacare" from the New Republic on 11-4-14 followed by commentary from Don McCanne, M.D.  This was posted by Physicians for a National Health Program on 11-7-14. McCanne pleas for using clear messages to describe positive aspects of single payer and exposing inadequacies of our current fragmented system. LEARN MORE

Posted on November 8, 2014 .