SINGLE PAYER: A NO (Vermont) and A YES (New York)

"...regroup and intensify our efforts.." advised Dr. Don McCanne in response to Governor Shumlin's announcement that that this was not the right time to enact single payer in Vermont. Canne's full response "Gov. Shumlin regrettably bails" was posted at Physicians For A National Health Program (PNHP) on 12-17-14. LEARN MORE.

The day before at a hearing on the New York Health Act, proponents advocated replacing the unwieldy health insurance system with a centralized, tax-funded health system. Despite wide support, chances of the bill passing are considered low. The hearing was covered by Irina Ivanova for Crain's New York Business on 12-16-14.  It is also posted on the PNHP site.  LEARN MORE