The season's celebrations include Universal Health Coverage Day on December 12th. Coverage means for all people without enduring financial hardship, according to the World Health Report. An editorial "Universal health coverage post-2015: putting people first" was published in The Lancet on 12-13-14. It addresses concerns about less attention on rights than on opening markets, on nice facilities over quality care, and on equity for vulnerable populations. LEARN MORE.

The other two pieces react to Vermont's abandonment of single payer. "Healthcare Is a Human Right campaign responds to Shumlin's failure to act on universal healthcare" was released by the Healthcare Is a Human Right Campaign on 12-17-14. It focuses on identifying alternative public financing mechanisms for single payer. LEARN MORE.

Forbes' blogger Avik Roy posted "Six Reasons Why Vermont's Single-Payer Health Plan Was Doomed From The Start" on 12-21-14 in The Apothecary opinions. He zeroes in on financing, costs, lobbying, and notes that the Vermont plan would not have achieved true single-payer. The piece contains links to several underlying documents. LEARN MORE.