Gerald Friedman, PhD, economist will be touring Oregon this May speaking about how health care can be made available and affordable for all. (See details on home page and calendar.) If you want to know what to expect and prepare even better questions consider checking these out in advance.

"The ACA and America's Health-Care Mess" by Gerald Friedman published in the Jan./Feb. issue of Dollars & Sense.  LEARN MORE

"Medicare for All" would cover everyone, save billions in the first year: new study" is press release that Physicians for a National Health Plan issued upon Friedman's completion of his analysis. This release contains a link to the full 12-age study. LEARN MORE

"Free Public Healthcare for All! The Single Payer System" is an approximately 40 minute video of a prior presentation by Gerald Friedman. VIEW MORE


Posted on May 1, 2014 .