Oregon's insurance commissioner Laura Cali's claim to balance affordable health insurance rates with solvency of the insurer received lots of attention recently. On 8-1-14, "Insurance Division Prevents Insurance Companies from Making Big Cutbacks," was published by Christopher David Gray in The Lund Report.  The article focuses on Health Co-op's request to lower rates 21% being cut down to 10%. Comparisons to other insurers are included. LEARN MORE On 8-6-14 Saerom Yoo's short piece "Insurance company CEO wants to charge less in premiums," was published in the Salem Statesman Journal. It focused on Health Co-op's CEO, Ralph Prows.  LEARN MORE.  Coverage by both outlets was picked up by Trudy Liberman in "Why did one regulator order a health insurer to set its rates higher? An unusual case in Oregon draws some good coverage, and deserves sustained attention," posted at the Columbia Journalism Review on 8-15-14. LEARN MORE


Posted on August 19, 2014 .