Several national retailers have tried acute care clinics at their stores, typically treating minor ailments and doing vaccinations. Wal-Mart had closed 166 of these. Now they are opening primary care clinics in medically under served areas, so far in Georgia, North Carolina and Texas. These clinics will use nurse practitioners to monitor chronic diseases for $40 per visit for customers and $4 for employees. None are in Oregon yet. The success and failure of these ventures is worth watching. Several media looked a different aspects of the phenomena. These include Jason Millman's blog "Wal-Mart wants to be your doctor" posted by the Washington Post on 8-14-14. LEARN MORE Another is Lisa Smith's piece "Wal-Mart moves into primary care," published by Medial Economics on 8-14-14. LEARN MORE For a video version there is Bertha Coombs report "Big Box Health Care: Are You Ready for Walmart Care Clinics?" posted on 8-29-14. VIEW MORE

Posted on September 5, 2014 .