After Vermont dropped, or at least postponed, single payer health coverage, internists and professors Steffie Woolhandler, M.D. and David Himmelstein, M.D. analyzed the shortcomings of that plan and lessons from it. Their piece "What happened in Vermont: Implications of the Pullback from Single Payer" was posted by Physicians for a National Health Program (PNHP) on 1-10-15. They note that even the diluted plan, not a true single payer, would have saved money. Their lessons to learn are 1) Effective grassroots organizing brought attention to real health care reform, 2) Federal restrictions compromise state-level single payer, 3) Anticipate opposition, 4) Beware of economic projections based upon political assumptions, and 5) Demanding full single payer achieves much progress.  LEARN MORE