Dr. Gerald Friedman, who toured Oregon with Health Care for ALL Oregon about a year ago, just completed an economic analysis of the New York Health Act. The Act would establish universal health insurance for all New Yorkers. Friedman, an economist, found financing based upon ability to pay would produce a large savings. Friedman summarized his study in "Economic Analysis of the New York Health Act" posted by Physicians for a National Health Program. Accompanying the piece is commentary by Don McCanne, MD. He notes that for other states, the results would depend on specifics in the state legislation. He also comments that the study used the terminology "single billing pipeline," rather than single payer. LEARN MORE

Release of Friedman's report was also summarized by David Robinson in "Report:  Single-payer health coverage could save New York billions of dollars" published by the Albany Business Review on 3-10-15. This blog contains links to critics. Both articles link to Friedman's full report. LEARN MORE.