To improve health care forms part of the vision of Health Care for All Oregon Education Fund (HCAO-EF). Much reform focuses on legislation, policy, and insurance plans. Other needed reforms are overlooked. The City Club of Portland invited Dean Schillinger, M.D. to speak before them about health literacy on March 6th. Schillinger directs a program on health communication at University of California at San Francisco. Prevention and treatments are worthless if the patient doesn't understand what health professionals say to them. Schillinger champions teach-back, that has patients repeat back explanations and instructions, so the health practitioner knows how their message was understood. He also cites  obstacles to reforms that could improve understanding, such as revising drug databases. Listen to his full talk "What did you say? Why Health Literacy Matters for Health Outcomes."    

Posted on March 28, 2015 and filed under Health care reform.