Single Payer is possible by 2017, according to the Vermont Workers' Center and the National Economic and Social Rights Initiative. Both organizations characterize their plan as more equitable than Gov. Shumlin's. The plan, covering medical, dental, and vision for Vermont residents, relies on progressive payroll tax, taxing capital gains, and liquefying Blue Cross Blue Shield into a reserve fund. Erin Mansfield details the plan in "Vermont Worker's Center Says Single Payer Possible by 2017" posted at Vermont Digger on 3-2-15.  LEARN MORE 

How Obamacare is Unsustainable: Why We Need a Single Payer Solution for All Americans is a book just published by John Geyman. Dr. Don McCanne briefly reviewed this book and posted an abstract of Geyman's article "A Five-Year Assessment of the Affordable Care Act" published by the International Journal of Health Services on 2-10-15. Physicians for a National Health Program combined the two under "Important resource: "A Five-Year Assessment of the Affordable Care Act" on 2-16-15. LEARN MORE.

Rep. John Conyers introduced "The Expanded & Improved for Medicare for All," bill HR 676, on 2-3-15. The bill has 44 co-sponsors. This was posted at Single Payer Now on 2-5-15. LEARN MORE.

Posted on March 4, 2015 and filed under Health care reform.