People on Medicaid whose income varies from month to month have to report the changes. These shifts in enrollment affect continuity of care. Timing of changes may interrupt coverage. Strategies by some states mitigate the harm. Michelle Andrews covers the topic in "Shifts in Earnings for Consumers Near Medicaid Line Can Threaten Coverage" posted by Kaiser Health News on 4-7-15. LEARN MORE

The issue was addressed from a policy perspective by Charles Milligan in "From Coverage to Care: Addressing the Issue of Churn" and by Sara Rosenbaum in "Addressing Medicaid/Marketplace Churn through Multimarket Plans:  Assessing the Current State of Play." Both articles were published by the Journal of Health Politics, Policy and Law in February (Vol. 40 (1): 227-232). LEARN MORE

Posted on May 21, 2015 and filed under Affordable Care Act.