Instructions for using Prezi presentations.


Each Prezi presentation is like a self-guided tour through a library of documents, PowerPoint slides, and video clips that can help you explain to others the urgent need for healthcare reform that will take us well beyond the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) and Oregon’s Transformation Healthcare Legislation (Coordinated Care Organizations[CCOs]).

The easiest way to use each program is to take it step-by-step by using the forward or backward arrows at the bottom of the display screen or by right clicking over the display screen and clicking on “Next ” or “Previous”.  If you do not have time to take the complete tour and want to scout ahead for items of interest, you can use your thumb wheel on your mouse or otherwise zoom in and out by placing your mouse over the right edge of the display screen and using the zoom buttons. You can “gain altitude” above the program and then zoom in on items of interest.  Sometimes you may get portions of audio clips coming in at unexpected times; this is due to a minor flaw in the program. You can also fast-forward or fast-backward by dragging a small white-ringed blue circle that will appear as you hover the cursor over the line just above the two arrows at the bottom of the display screen.

If you would like to copy slides you can take a screenshot with a free downloadable program such as Screen Hunter.  Doctor Erickson periodically updates slides; if you have a reference to more current information than what you see on a given slide please contact Doctor Erickson at  or Mike Huntington at