Speakers Bureau

Dr. Sam Metz

Dr. Sam Metz

The Speaker’s Bureau is an educational program of HCAO-EF for the training and making available qualified speakers for public and media presentations on invitation anywhere in Oregon.

Any group in the State of Oregon desiring a representative to appear at a house party, panel discussion, media event , rally or any other venue can secure a qualified representative by contacting our office at the address below. Please do not hesitate to call for information or to request an appearance.

Also, HCAO-EF periodically conducts training workshops for the development of a qualified cadre of representatives ready to present the health care message to in a variety of settings. Training workshops can be designed and delivered specifically for individual interest groups throughout the State. Inquiries will be welcome .

Generally, our workshops are designed to accomplish the following:

Provide training and practice in the composition and delivery of the HCAO message in a public forum.

Establish a cadre of confidant, articulate presenters capable of generating support for HCAO principles across the State of Oregon.

As a result of this workshop, participants will be:

  • Fluent in the history, principles and objectives of HCAO

  • Able to select and utilize appropriate materials for public presentations.

  • Able to compose and effectively deliver the HCAO message in a variety of settings and venues.

  • Able to cope with difficult questions with poise, confidence and accurate information.

  • Familiar with and able to utilize a variety of visual aids.

  • Aware of the legal and ethical constraints in public presentations.

For Information, use this form to email HCAOEF or email the speaker contact for your area: 

Speaker's Portal contains a small library of current references, PowerPoint presentation, and techniques and tips for speakers. Click on the red speaker's portal to get to your login. Anyone may click on the Resources tab to find information useful to both designated HCAO speakers, and anyone wishing to communicate persuasively regarding publicly funded healthcare for all.